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Hardware industry actively expand the domestic market, increase technological improvements


With the development of domestic mould industry, from the increasingly fierce competition, the metal mold industry disorderly competition began to appear, low cost hardware, product quality and technical content is not high defects are also increasingly exposed. In 1960s, the hardware mold industry began to rise in Dongguan, and reached its peak in the late 80s. At that time, the hardware mold industry threshold is very low, and do not need any technology, 30 thousand yuan to buy some old equipment, you can open a family workshop hardware mold processing plant. After more than 40 years of development, all kinds of hardware, mold processing enterprises have been 10000, most of them are labor-intensive small enterprises.
At present, the private mold domestic enterprises with advanced equipment resources, technology advanced, new technology can be widely used in the industry, rapid to production, heat treatment and other related materials from design and manufacture, the formation of the industrial chain integration advantages. The hardware mold enterprises due to lack of funds and lack of its own brand, the hardware mold enterprises will strengthen management and technical transformation investment, expand the proportion of high-end products, and the establishment of the domestic sector, and actively expand the domestic market.
With the increasingly fierce competition in the International Die Casting Market, the die casting industry in Japan is also trying to reduce production costs. On the market scale, Japan's recession is most pronounced, whether it is output or domestic demand. The Japanese mould manufacturers pay more attention to the polishing and lapping process, and the German mould manufacturers begin to improve the precision and efficiency of machining and EDM to reduce the time of hand processing. Now the Japanese die industry is gradually to mold the technical content is not high to low labor cost in production, only in the domestic production of high-tech products, speed up the transfer abroad of Japan this trend, which makes its use to reduce the amount of die casting in japan.
Experts believe that due to Japan, the United States and Germany global mold production power of domestic demand gradually decline and increased costs, making these countries mold manufacturers began to shift production, and gradually open up the market Chinese. We hope to increase profits through the purchasing costs of cheap labor and materials in china. But these countries mold production enterprises once East, then it will make the design and manufacturing technology of mold the national intangible outflow. In this way, it is necessary to invest a large amount of R & D expenses to strengthen the competitiveness of its mold products, so as to widen its differences with the Chinese mold products.
In recent years, the impact of the international financial crisis, the global market is shrinking, but according to the relevant data show that as of the first half, Japan is still the world die production power, the profit is not shrinking, competitiveness is still strong. Hardware mold has a strong competitive edge. Experts believe that the biggest advantages and strengths are both private enterprises, but also in traditional industries. To enter the high-end market, can not do without high-tech. On the other hand, although the presence of foreign mold enterprises will aggravate the domestic mold in the degree of competition, but these high-end mold enterprises settled from another angle to promote the domestic mold competition consciousness, which will increase the technology improvement to improve the overall level of mold manufacturing.