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China's hardware industry has steadily increased


In recent years, the quality of practitioners in the hardware industry has generally improved, with the largest hardware market in Beijing, China Hardware City as an example. There are many doctors and post doctoral candidates. Now people like the "lazy" way of life, which also requires more and more user-friendly hardware, intelligent. The status of hardware in the home is so important, but the domestic high-end household hardware market and the higher profit brand market are mostly occupied by imported hardware enterprises.
In recent years, China's hardware industry steadily increased, the reasons for the performance of three aspects:
First of all, the quality of practitioners generally improved. Over the years, the quality of the metal industry practitioners generally improved, with the current Beijing will be built in China's largest hardware market, China Hardware City responsible for example, there are many doctors, post doctoral people.
Secondly, the level of technology and management has generally improved. As for the process and management level of hardware enterprises, it has been improved to a great extent. Some domestic enterprises began to introduce foreign advanced technology and management experience several years ago, and many enterprises have already reached a fairly high level in process and management.
Third, the development of the industry entered a stage of change. At present, it is the stage of the upgrading of China's hardware products, from the low-end to high-end products. This is very beneficial to the development of China's hardware industry. In the process of transferring foreign products to China, it is bound to bring in some advanced production techniques and management patterns including raw materials.
Finally, the hardware parts market demand is very big. After more than ten years' accumulation and steady improvement, China's hardware industry is now the largest producer in the world, and its exports increase steadily every year. The annual export of China's hardware industry is increasing at about 8%. Last year, the export value of hardware products exceeded 5 billion US dollars, ranking third in the light industrial export ranking.
Due to the improvement of the level of China's hardware manufacturing and the expansion of production capacity, it is estimated that China's hardware products will maintain a steady growth of over 10% over the next 5 years. In the past 10 months, China's hardware and electrical products import and export volume of more than 500 billion U. S. dollars. The surplus expanded further, reaching 7 billion 60 million US dollars, accounting for 64% of the country's trade surplus.