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The hardware industry practices low carbon, starting with materials and technology


The quality of the environment is closely related to human life. In the era of low-carbon energy saving, energy saving and environmental protection have been integrated into every detail of our lives. For the hardware industry, energy conservation building materials and intelligent technology, which are closely related to environmental protection, will be the first station for all hardware enterprises to practice low carbon.
2010 Shanghai World Expo set a good example for low-carbon energy, many of the venues are using energy-saving environmental protection or sustainable recycling materials to carry out design, some venues with special glass curtain wall materials, clear both when the natural light in low light and can be gathered or reflecting light source, so that people in the night in such a surprise and enjoyment.
China is now in the peak period of property construction, but the vast majority of the building materials on the market are high energy consuming building materials. However, the impact of national energy conservation policies, the use of energy-saving environmental protection doors and windows and curtain wall ratio is increasing year by year. Aluminum Alloy, glass steel and other energy-saving building materials used will be the future direction of the development of hardware and building materials, now a lot of large-scale building and production will choose energy-saving products, but also in cost savings for the industry set up benchmark.
The selection of energy-saving materials from new materials research and development, and the most promising new materials will be built on the basis of energy-saving industries. Recently, the strong diamond in the two market has become the focus of investor attention. It is reported that the main diamond glass photovoltaic glass, which belongs to the energy-saving photovoltaic glass materials, the glass industry as an important raw material for building energy saving and the main force of the solar energy industry, will significantly benefit from building energy conservation and solar energy industry.
With the concept of low carbon in the hearts of the people, LED gradually entered the people's field of vision. LED a lot of advantages: low power consumption, long service life, high brightness, low heat, and even the production of materials are made of non-toxic and environmental protection, LED unlike fluorescent lamps containing mercury pollution, but also can be recycled, no ultraviolet and infrared spectrum, no heat, no radiation, glare small, cold light, safe touch. With the LED lighting system, LED display and other products are increasingly recognized and selected by people, LED has undoubtedly become the energy-saving star in the eyes of people.
But it is not easy to have a reputation as an energy-saving star forever, and LED needs constant self-discipline and effective scientific and technological research and development.
It is reported that MIT recently developed an energy-saving 90% of the intelligent LED lighting system. The core of this kind of lighting system is a small controller name card size, its built-in sensor can monitor the actual light environment user work area, users in order to achieve their own love environment brightness light density and color balance by the controller. The micro controller not only monitors the light density emitted by the LED lights, but also calculates the ambient light that flows through or outside the window. From the window if the sunlight is sufficient, can meet the user's needs the light, the lights will darken over or directly off; if the sun was obscured by clouds darken, the lights will be enabled immediately above the work area. Compared with incandescent or fluorescent lamps, this LED intelligent lighting control system can save power up to 90%.
Science and technology research and development not only occur in Colleges and universities, hardware enterprises can also create revenue through independent innovation. The day before, P3 HD display such Chau Ming technology introduced, the new control system, circuit design and cooling system, the new driver IC application and MBI joint development of Taiwan, and joined the innovative environment intelligent monitoring system, the P3 display has such new high-definition high-definition picture, energy saving, light weight and other prominent features. After testing: Chau Ming technology P3 HD energy-saving LED display, more than 40% of the traditional LED screen energy saving.