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High energy consumption hardware industry urgently need to promote recycling technology


As the saying goes: state laws and family rules, there are rules of the hardware industry. From the China Federation of industry and Commerce Hardware Association was informed that, at present, the relevant hardware industry (Association) will strengthen the industry self-regulation play an increasingly obvious role. Has been officially introduced and will soon implement the valve industry standards, taps industry standards also attaches great importance to energy-saving products research and development.
The chamber of Commerce official said, the National Federation of chamber of commerce is to accelerate the development of hardware industry self regulate the pace of the industry self-discipline is one of the core standards to guide and promote the development of hardware industry to the direction of intensive festival. Luo Baihui said, from the industry status quo and future development, 11th Five-Year planning and scientific positioning of industrial cluster hardware electromechanical mould and other related industries, the industry providers (HS) in the construction of a conservation minded society on self-discipline, saving hardware industry era jianxingjianjin.
At the same time, learned from relevant aspects, such as Changan, Jiangsu mold industry base Qidong electric tool Township, emerging industrial base stainless steel hardware industry cluster in the future planning, have to focus on the development of positioning in the development of high technology products, the use of saving and push guangshang. The mold industry in its 11th Five-Year plan, the demand for large, high technology content, representing the direction of development, export good prospects for the development and promotion of new energy-saving products as a priority among priorities of the development of the industry, and strive to make our mould level by 2010 to enter the Asian advanced level ranks.
In recent years, China's mold, machinery, bearings, power tools and other industries will save energy (energy-saving, environmental protection) new research and development into the scope of 11th Five-Year planning. At the same time, the relevant industry associations (associations) in their actively planned industry self-regulation program, but also to save product research and development and promotion on the important agenda. China's hardware industry has gradually stepped into a conservation minded era.
The hardware industry is a typical resource consuming industry. In the process of production, it needs a lot of metal raw materials (including steel and non-ferrous metals), but also consumes a lot of energy (including electricity, fuel and so on). In 2004, the total exports of tools, hardware, construction hardware and daily hardware reached US $three, and the export volume exceeded the traditional export countries of Germany, the United States and other traditional hardware products, accounting for 17 billion 300 million of the world. But this laurel is built on the premise of consuming a great deal of productive resources and a large amount of energy consumption, relying on low price competitive advantage. At the same time, China's hardware export price is only a fraction of the European and American industrial developed countries, and even more than a dozen. In other words, using the same raw materials, same energy consumption, a small part of our product value only and others, if we want to create the same value of the product and the United States and Europe, to spend more times than anyone else even more than the consumption of raw materials and energy.
Mechanical Industry Association statistics show that the production of mechanical and electrical products, energy and raw materials costs account for about 70% of the cost of products. According to data analysis, more energy consumption of mechanical and electrical products can make up about 70% of the national energy consumption, energy saving, water saving and material saving potential. At the same time, more than 90% of the machinery industry is small and medium enterprises, and their products are widely used in the fields of production, construction, circulation and consumption, and play an important role in resource conservation.
Actively develop and promote resource conservation, substitution and recycling technologies, accelerate the technological transformation of enterprises to energy-saving, high consumption, heavy pollution, backward technology, process and product implementation of the mandatory elimination system, the implementation of conducive to resource saving price and taxation policies. In the metallurgical, building materials, chemical, power and other key industries, as well as industrial parks and a number of cities, to carry out circular economy pilot, improve laws and regulations, and explore the effective mode of developing recycling economy. Strengthen the consciousness of saving, encourage the production and use of energy saving and water saving products, energy saving and environmental protection automobiles, develop energy saving and land saving buildings, and form a consumption pattern of health, civilization and resource saving.